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In academic institutions around the world, researchers are continually searching for advancements in the area of batterytechnology that may one day help to solve the global energy crisis. Whether your research is in the area of small formatlithium ion batteries for laptops and cell phones, or next-generation batteries targeted for electric cars and the power grid– CD-adapco has the advanced tools that will lead you to engineering success. Our state-of-the-art simulation tool,, has the ability to accurately model the flow, thermal and
electrochemical effects of Lithium Ion battery cells and packs. To achieve this, CD-adapco has partnered with Battery
Design LLc to provide a complete, holistic, workflow for the design and analysis of batteries within complex installations.
These tools, and the, are available to academics through our Global
Academic Program (GAP). As those of you who are already members of our academic user community know, CD-adapco provides its commercial grade software to academics at a dramatically reduced price for use in the lab orclassroom. We are committed to ensuring you have the latest tools and resources to support all of your academicendeavors. your local area representative for more information regarding Battery Design Studio or the Battery SimulationModule.
If you are not already a member of the CD-adapco Global Academic Community, please.
Regards,, Global Academic Program Coordinator CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT
Global Academic Paper Contest
Win an all expense paid trip to Orlando, Florida to present your paper at the 2013STAR-Global Conference. Hurry! Contest ends December 1, 2012.
Meshing in STAR-CCM+
Technical overview of STAR-CCM+'s meshing capability Switching from ANSYS Fluent to STAR-CCM+
Read how a Masters student in South Africa successfully switched from ANSYS Spotlight on Fluid Structure
From Academia to Industry – STAR-CCM+ Leads the Way!
Interaction (FSI)
The CD-adapco Global Academic Program and STAR-CCM+ contribute to Ameya If you would like to submit your engineering success story, please contact Tammyde Boer (). We want to hear your story! STAR GLOBAL CONFERENCE 2013
Access to 100's of technicalpapers from around the world! Calling all academics! The is being held on March 18th – 20th in Orlando, Florida. This year's three-day conference will include a technical paper for inclusionin our library! Highlights include innovative ways STAR-CCM+ is being used in classrooms andlabs around the world along with displays from student design teams. Don't forget labs around the world along with displays from student design teams. Don't forget– the winner of the 2013 CD-adapco Global Academic Paper Contest will bepresenting his/her paper! In addition to the academic benefits, this conferenceprovides an opportunity for you to network with 100's of CFD/simulation expertsfrom leading commercial companies and to participate in best practices trainingcourses and workshops. If you would like to contribute to the agenda and share your own simulationsuccess story by making a short 20 minute presentation at the conference, pleasesubmit a short abstract of no more than 200 words to before December 1, 2012. We are also looking for student design teams to display their projects – this is an excellent opportunity to let industry know what you are CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
CD-adapco has a customer seeking a Vehicle Aeroacoustic Development
Specialist. This position is in the Product Development Vehicle NVH department
with a close alignment with the Vehicle Aerodynamics department. Responsibilitieswill include leading aeroacoustic shape development on future vehicle programs.
The engineer will be using both computational & experimental tools. A strongbackground doing aeroacoustic simulations with STAR-CCM+ is a must. Interestedcandidates should contact Lisa Mesaros CD-adapco is currently recruiting for the fol owing positions:


Microsoft word - ct cardiac referrer information sheet 092009.doc

390 Victoria Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia CARDIAC CT T + 61 2 8382 1111 F + 61 2 9332 4142 Information for referring physicians, January 2010 SERVICES OFFERED: CT Coronary Angiogram (includes Calcium Score) Coronary Calcium Score Only (excludes CT Coronary Angiogram) Workup for left atrial ablation procedures PRICE : The final price may be variable , and

Microsoft word - example questions stage 2 assessment.doc

NATIONAL RECRUITMENT OFFICE FOR GENERAL PRACTICE TRAINING STAGE 2 ASSESSMENT PROFESSIONAL DILEMMA QUESTIONS: Ranking Questions With this type of question you will be presented with scenarios followed by a number of possible options. Unless the scenario says otherwise, consider yourself a second year Foundation Doctor (F2 or FY2) working a rotation. Rank each option in order from the

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