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Family Meeting Minutes
Recreation Room – Belvedere Care Centre ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA
Minutes of February 15, 2012 adopted as circulated.
Guest Speaker – Alan Glasser, Pharmacist “Dementia / Alzheimer’s medication and the use/misuse of anti-psychotics
in the elderly

Importance of medication – medication is not absorbed in the stomach:  Do not dry swallow any medication.
 Drink 6 – 8 ounces of water with medications.
 Medication can stick in throat and depending on medication can burn the  Reduce effects of upset stomach by taking liquid.
 You can delay/reduce effects of medications by taking it without liquid.
Handout of medications being discussed was distributed and referred to:  Increased acetylcholine in brain – increased chemical messengers in brain is the action of the dementia medications that will be discussed.
Need a form advising families re: anti-psychotic drugs for information Goal is to improve brain function and behaviour thus person feels better:- MMSE - 30/30 = perfect score- 16/30 = medication is no longer effective Temporary delay in progression of dementia High blood sugar can do brain damage and research is showing increased blood sugarcan result in Alzheimer’s.
- ARICEPT – 5-10 mg. daily Side Effects = nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
- MEMANTINE – may be used in combination with Aricept Dementia – sometimes results in aggressive behaviour and anti-psychotic medicationswere given.
- Side effects of anti-psychotics are serious and may result in increased mortality- Increased heart failure; affects immune system which can result in frail elderly - Alan explained that most anti-psychotics have been discontinued. However, if a resident’s behaviour is not controllable there may be instances where anti-psychoticsare prescribed. Consideration given to quality of life, not just quantity.
C:\Documents and Settings\Belvedere\My Documents\BSL & Intercare\Belvedere\Family Meetings\Minutes\2012\Family Mtg Minutes - Oct 18, 2012.doc Resident & Family Meeting MinutesOctober 18, 2012 MOST – New Protocol for Degree of Intervention
Process for completion of the document; onus is on the Physician to sign the document.
Kathy explained document and responsibilities of families, Physicians and Nurses atBelvedere Care Centre.
“My Voice” – document being introduced to everyone and is the vehicle to express plan ofcare up to and including death.
 Arrives October 19, 2012.
 Residents and Staff receive vaccine next week.
 Pneumovax vaccine will be given to residents who have never had it or had it 5  Staff who do not receive flu vaccine will wear a mask all the time they are at work.
 Kathy explained education for Staff for Infection Control Week (displayed in Activity NEW CODE FOR ELEVATOR ON 3 WEST
December 15th is the Resident/Family party during the day.
Details included in November statements.
If there is a death, how is this handled for the other residents?- Table mates are told gently and comforted.
- No notice is posted.
Bring treats to residents at Christmas?- Probably not a good idea as there are several diabetics.
Take family out. Have a sign out sheet on each floor.
- Good idea.
Medication changed and all medications thrown out and we were charged for ALLthe medications.
- Kathy replied that medication changes may change at next delivery.
Is the cellophane package the best way of packaging drugs? What if medicationfalls on floor from the “little bag”?- Packaging has not been an issue and if a medication is missing (resident noticed),there are ways of replacing it.
Do you ever meet with families one-on-one?- Difference between Care Conference and family conference explained.
want to meet with Kathy and Joy, please call and let us know and we can do that.
C:\Documents and Settings\Belvedere\My Documents\BSL & Intercare\Belvedere\Family Meetings\Minutes\2012\Family Mtg Minutes - Oct 18, 2012.doc


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