The Bedford Park Surgery Patient Leaflet
The Doctors
The Nursing Team
Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery The Administrative Team
Senior receptionist and medical secretary OPENING HOURS
We run a walk-in clinic every Friday afternoon for acute medical emergencies on a first-come first-served basis, which starts after 4.30pm.
make an appointment
We offer a wide range of appointments at the surgery. We always try to offer you an appointment with
a clinician of your choice, however this is not always possible, and you may need to see another GP.
Advance booked appointments
This can be done for an appointment for up to a month in advance with a GP of your choice (subject to availability) This is booked by phoning two days before the desired day This is booked by phoning on the morning of the day of the emergency at 8.30 where you will be offered an appointment for the morning or the afternoon. This appointment will be with the duty GP on that day and you cannot choose who to This is a walk in session for acute medical emergencies only for a 5 minute appointment with the duty GP. The walk in clinic is on a first come first serve basis and you will be required to sit and wait for your turn. Chronic and ongoing medical issues will not be dealt with in this clinic. Appointments can be made with the GP for a telephone consultation to deal with issues such as blood test results and other highly urgent issues particularly related to a child. For a home visit, we request that you phone before 10.00am and explain the reason for your home visit. The GP will call you before coming out to see you to ascertain if a visit is deemed necessary. We do however prefer if you are at first able to make it to the surgery, unless you are housebound. We have evening surgery appointments on our Thursday night clinic with the GP or the practice nurse.
We have a robust text messaging service whereby a text reminder is sent to patients to remind them
of their appointments. Please ensure we have your correct mobile number for this service.
If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call the surgery to cancel and reschedule. Non
attendance of a booked appointment means another patient has been unable to use our services.
Continued non attendance of booked appointments may result in being asked to join another practice.
Letters will be sent to patients who do not attend booked appointments.

The complete range of contraceptive services is available at the Bedford Park Surgery.
If you are on a repeat prescription of the contraceptive pill, please note that we will request an annual
appointment with the practice nurse to have your blood pressure, smoking status and weight checked.
If you are considering the contraceptive pill for the first time, you will need to see a GP first and then
see the nurse for subsequent review.
We also offer coil (IUCD) or Mirena fittings which is a 30 minute appointment; please inform the
receptionist of this when making a booking.
Home Visits
The NHS regulations require requests for visits to be received by 10.00am except in an emergency. If
you feel a doctor's visit may be necessary, please notify the surgery as early as possible before
10.00am. Eligibility for home visits includes house-bound patients and those too ill to attend the
surgery. However most problems are best assessed in the surgery
Cervical Smears
You may book an appointment with the nurse for a cervical smear test. We strongly recommend a
cervical smear every three years for women aged 25 – 50 years and every five years for women aged
50 – 65 years. If you have had a smear elsewhere or privately, please ensure we are given the results
so we may update our clinical database system.
Childhood Immunisations and Development checks
We offer the fullest possible service of immunisation to protect you child at an early age. All children
are invited to our full programme of development examinations which run from 6 weeks to school age.
It is advised for all parents or guardians who bring in their children for vaccinations, to remember to
bring in the red book so the information can be recorded.
At times, you may wish to have your child immunised with a vaccine which is not part of the national
health programme e.g. chicken pox. Please note that we can administer this, however a charge is
Antenatal and Postnatal Checks
We see newly pregnant women and refer them to the maternity hospital of their choice. We have close
ties with Queen Charlotte’s Hospital and most of our patients prefer to be referred here. Antenatal
services are provided at the local satellite clinics run by midwives and parent craft classes are
available one evening each week. We provide full postnatal care at the surgery. When booking for
either ante or post natal appointment, please specify this to the receptionist as you will be allocated
the correct amount of time.
Travel and other Vaccinations and Advice
We keep and administer a complete stock of travel vaccinations, and can provide up-to-date
information relevant to your destination. The Bedford Park Surgery is also a Yellow Fever Vaccination
Centre for West London, and our nurses attend the regular annual training to comply with the changes
and regulations.
It is always best to either email or book a telephone consultation with the nurse to check which
vaccines you will need prior to travel and then be booked in for the appointment. Some vaccines which
attract a charge and we request payment in advance for these.
We also provide routine vaccinations including tetanus and pneumococcus, and each autumn we run
our popular influenza vaccination programme for patients who are over 65 years or who are at
increased risk e.g. asthmatic or diabetic patients.
Minor Surgery Operations
Our treatment area is fully equipped to enable the doctors to undertake a wide range of minor
operations, including removal of small lumps and cryosurgery to warts and other skin problems. We
can also administer steroid injections into troublesome joints when appropriate.
Smoking cessation advice
Our practice nurse is happy to see patients in her smoking cessation clinics. Please ask to be booked
in her clinic for assessment of your smoking habits and needs with regard to nicotine replacement
therapy Zyban and Champix. Once the assessment has been made, there is a commitment needed
from the patient to attend at least four consecutive weeks in order for progress to be monitored.
Diagnostic Facilities
The Bedford Park Surgery is equipped with a wide range of medical testing equipment enabling us to
undertake investigations, such as on-site blood glucose monitoring, phlebotomy services, treatment
and monitoring of asthma and other respiratory problems, ECG and audiogram. We also have direct
access to hospital facilities including x-ray, ultrasound scanning and endoscopy. We are able to offer
services such as ear syringing which is provided by the practice nurse as well as occupational
services which involve eye and hearing tests.

How to register
We accept new patients from the W4 area primarily.
In order to register, please come to the reception desk and collect the relevant forms and paperwork
which is required to register you onto our computer system. We may request proof of certain
documents to complete the registration process; you can obtain the information from the receptionist.
You will be offered an appointment for a new patient health check with the practice nurse and you will
then be able to see a GP.
Repeat Prescriptions
If you are prescribed ongoing long-term medication, we operate a repeat prescription service. We
need a written request either by fax on 020 8742 1246, email toor by
coming in and filling our form, and the prescription will be ready for collection in 2 working days. We
are happy to send the prescription by post if you send us a SAE (self addressed envelope).
Prescriptions can also be requested via our online tool on the websit When
you collect your prescriptions, please detach the counterfoil which lists your medication and use this
for future requests.
We do not take any requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone.
Access to Medical Records
Patients are generally allowed access to their medical records. Please speak to the Practice Manager
with regard to this. An appointment can be arranged and there will normally be a charge associated
with accessing your medical records if a GP or a clinician is present with you to discuss these. Your
medical records cannot be removed or taken away from the practice premises, unless you leave the
surgery and register elsewhere.
Comments and Complaints
We value your comments about the services we provide and our practice manager is always available
to discuss matters should you wish. If you wish to make a complaint, you will be provided with a copy
of our complaints procedure. In most cases complaints and concerns are resolved quickly. There are
two stages to the complaint. When you write in with a written complaint, we will acknowledge receipt of
the complaint and offer to discuss the matter in 3 working days. This complaint can be dealt with at
this level and if no resolution is made, then the second and final stage is by going on to the Health
Services Ombudsman. The original complaint can be made either to the Practice or PALs
Patient Information
Everyone working at the surgery has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. However,
for your benefit we may need to share some information about you. We only ever use or pass on
information if people have a genuine need for it in your and everyone’s interest. Wherever possible we
remove details that identify you. If for any reason you do not wish to have your information disclosed
or shared for any purpose, even anonymously, please request this in writing and we will add this to
your records.
Preference of Doctor or Nurse
You are welcome to consult whichever doctor or nurse you wish should you make the appointment in
advance. However, in times of emergencies or annual leave, there may not be a choice, so please
consider that you may be asked to see whichever clinician is available on the day.
Evening and weekends
Need urgent but non-emergency help when the GP practice is closed?
If you have an urgent medical problem which cannot wait until the surgery re-opens please call the
NHS 111 Service by dialling 111.
NHS 111 is free to call from both landlines and mobiles.
When you call the NHS 111 Service you'll be asked some questions about your symptoms so that you
can be directed to the local service that can help you best.
If, for any reason, you are unable to access NHS 111 by dialling 111, please call 020 3402 1111
instead. Calls to this number are charged at your network's standard rates.
You can obtain more information about NHS 111 by visiting
You can share your experiences of using NHS 111 by visiting
At all times, if you cannot make the appointment booked, please contact reception and cancel the
booking. The appointment can then be used by another patient. By not showing up for an appointment
on 3 occasions (DNA) without reasonable explanation, may result in your being asked to leave the
Patient Participation Group
We currently have an active patient group who get together to discuss issues related to the surgery.
Please go on our website or contact the practice manager onif you are
interested to be part of this group.
Abusive Behaviour
We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to violent and abusive behaviour from any patient at the
surgery. We reserve the right to remove such patients from the practice list.



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