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You may experience fatigue, dizziness or If you have any questions please ask your headaches drink plenty of fluids to relieve Polyps are little growths which arise from the lining of the bowels. Some may progress and change as they grow, therefore removal is necessary to prevent them turning cancerous. Polyp removal is achieved by looping them with a snare and cutting through the lining of the bowel. When they are removed they may bleed. Serious bleeding rarely occurs. If conditions are symptoms after discharge home, contact your not optimal at the time, removal may need to be Consultant or the hospital without delay. ________________________________________ If your are taking anti-coagulant drugs you may be instructed to cease taking such drugs as For training purposes, a digital recording may be Aspirin, Warfarin and Plavix if polyp removal is kept of an Endoscopy procedure. This may be filed as a computer file. Any such records or For best results with Gastroscopy, it is advised confidentially on computer according to the Data to stop taking all antacid medications 10 days prior to your examination. It is also advisable to stop using Iron supplements for at lease 5 days If you have a history of MRSA or have been in- formed that you are MRSA positive or if you have experienced diarrhoea/vomiting 72 hours prior to your admission it is important that you contact the day surgery unit or your Consultant. The gut lining does not have nerves that give sharp pains but during a colonoscopy you may experience the feeling of stretching or your procedure as comfortable as possible. (colonoscopy), it is accepted practice to offer You will be sedated by an Anaesthetist or your Consultant. Sedation is achieved by injection. You are in control of your breathing To have a successful examination the colon but will be deeply sedated. It is possible to must be empty. This involves taking an ap- propriate preparation the day before the ex- sedation; this option should be discussed amination. The laxative preparation will be with your Consultant prior to your procedure. This is a term given to an internal exami- solids and therefore it is vital that you should Your Anaesthetist or Endoscopist will decide what might suit best. Also, you most likely will hospital. The exact time and date will be Instructions are provided with the laxative start to work very quickly but may take hours Please follow the instructions fully as failure to do so could result in a poor result as even wi th best preparation there is a recognised endoscopy examination you will feel very sleepy at first and then you might feel a little should be brought to the hospital fasting over- night from all foods and fluids—this (empty stomach) is necessary for safe sedation. After a variable number of hours, you will feel During the procedure biopsies may be taken flexible tube into the stomach to inspect for laboratory examination. If polyps are encountered these may be removed if it is and drink overnight or for a minimum of 6 dangerous it may be abandoned for risk of perforation of the bowel and peritonitis. The risk of bowel perforation is approx. 1:1000 colonoscopy procedures. Should perforation occur, immediate surgical treatment may be flexible tube through the rectum along the


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