February 2008
From The President
Bertil Fredstrom, Ring 60 President

In This Issue.
IBM Ring 60 is off to a great start of the year. We have had a nice Christmas party with fantastic magic from our two professional members; C.J. Johnson and Brian Brushwood, two great Clinics with two more of our professional members; Ray Anderson and Brad Henderson, two Lectures with two out of town professionals; Barrie Richardson and Duane Laflin as well as one very good regular meeting about how to give and take critique. And we are only two months into the new year !!! Our next meeting is on Monday March 3, 2008 at IHOP by 183 and Duval as usual. This time we will have the opportunity to have a short promotional video shot so dress up in your best magic costume and bring your best trick for a 3 minute video shoot – it will be well worth the trouble. Also, our secretary Mark Wilson recently did send out a request for your updated mail address. If you have not given it to him yet, please do it now. Again, it will be well worth your trouble… Bertil FredstromPresident of IBM Ring 60 From The Editor
Emeline Cantore

Now You See It.
February 2008
You have my sincere apologies for the delay in publishing this month's newsletter but my computer got a slight case of hiccups and I had a doctor appointment which left me a bit sore. I will try to be more timely in the future. To speed things up a bit, I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to compose my editorial this time. I'm keeping a sharp eye out for mistakes, but if anyone spots anything I don't notice first like anything that sounds funny or seems out of place, please let me know. Until I've had a bit more practice, I'm using the program simply for dictation, and not for actual composition functions. So there shouldn't be any mistakes with the order of the newsletter itself unless I make them on my own. For now, enjoy this issue of Now, You See It. Stay warm, have fun and put your thinking caps on for next time. New photos and suggestions for new material are always welcome. :-) Secretary's Page
Mark Wilson

It could be said that things got somewhat critical at the February meeting of the Ring 60 chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians! No there weren¹t any emergencies occurring, and the only thing the abbreviation E.M.S. had to do with the evening would be the appearance and gathering of several very brave ³Extremely Magical Specialists² who let themselves be critiqued by meeting attendees. Giving and receiving critique, was the topic for the evening. And it was handled brilliantly by our own Kent Cummins, who broke down the discussion of critiquing into three key points of interest; . The meeting began with a Magic 101 performance and explanation by J.D. Stewart, who had random numbers generated using a deck of cards. The numbers selected were eventually revealed on his arm. Next, Kent Cummins began his lecture with the help of club president Bertil Fredstrom, who performed a very entertaining routine concerning the Keys to The Kingdom, The Princess, and Four Warriors. Funny costumes were issued to the various volunteers from the audience and much laughter ensued as the story and the magic unfolded. Afterwards Kent used Bertil¹s performance as a test subject, allowing the members to have practical practice giving critique on Bertil¹s performance.
We had many members of the ring get up for the Open Mic segment. The evening¹s performers included Mr. Pupput (aka Bob Adou) who showed us the ³Old Head in a Box². A dismembered head (you guessed it!) in a box! That bearded head was full of wisecracks and groaner jokes. Next up was Chris Walden who showed off his homemade table and wand. Following Chris, was Eddie Boswell (aka The Wizard of Boz) who demonstrated a very elegant rose from card effect. After that we had a commercial break as Ron Cartlidge demonstrated one of the many items to be sold at the upcoming Magic Auction to be held on April 12th. Ron demonstrated his ³luck² with the aid of a small box with a Lucky Light and several switches. Only the lucky one could seem to find the correct switch to turn the light on! (always the Magician for some reason or other. :-) Robert Castillo followed the commercial break with a nice card routine with involved a very nice Color Change. Next was Aaron Fasel Parker who demonstrated the old gag of removing his thumb and treated us to a good David Blaine joke. Now You See It.
February 2008
Last up was Mark Wilson (Yep, that¹s me!) who showed off his newest original prop based on a standard turnover card effect. Large cards with pictures of school students and a teacher were shown along with one rather unpleasant and mean looking ³Bully card². The ³Bully² is sent to the office (in this case a paper folder) and when removed his disposition has changed to a much happier guy. Mark explained that the props could be used as an anti-bullying message for children.
IBM Ring 60 holds it¹s monthly meetings on the first Monday of the month at the IHOP on 183 North, just south of Duval, on the 183 southbound access road. For more information contact the club Secretary Mark C. Wilson at: Articles: Don't miss these cool Upcoming events!
Robert Castillo

We have a great lecture lined up for March 26th, at 7pm.This will be at the usual IHOP on Bee Caves. As a nice gesture towards the lecturer and your fellow members, let's try to arrive early for dinner.The lecturer will be Joe Lefler, he will offer quite a range of effects. Open call to all members, your assistance in setting up before the lecture and after is always welcome.
Like many of us, Joe Lefler, aka, “Mr. Tricky” became interested in magic at an early age performing at birthday parties during his teenage years. After he was married, Joe worked a two person dove act and opened for several well-known performers including the New Christi Minstrels, the Ink Spots and the Michael Stanley Band to name a few. In 1975 Joe opened Pandora's Box Magic Shop in Ohio which became the largest Magic shop between New York and Chicago . During this time, Joe honed his skills as a close-up magician and performed for many trade shows and hospitality rooms. Shortly after closing his store in 1985 Joe went back to performing for children as “Tricky T. Clown” where he became skilled at balloon sculpturing and produced instructional videos on the art. He soon created Fun-Tastic Entertainment, Inc. representing about 350 different entertainers. Joe also manufactures several items for the magic industry. Among them are Joe Lefler’s Pro Suitcase tables, Slate of Mind, Hank Moorehouse Cube Table & Tray for Multiplying Bottles. He has lectured at many conventions including Tannen’s Magic Jubilee, Winter Carnival of Magic, Columbus Magi Fest, Kidabra and several magic clubs. Lecture fee: $10.00 for members, $15.00 for non-members.
Robert CastilloLecture ChairmanIBM Ring 60 Bob Abdou/Mr.Puppet
I am writing you to alert you about my open mic taping at the next magic ring 60 meeting on march 3rd. I have a new act that I will be performing in New York at the end of march and I would love for you to come and see this new funny puppet act. Now You See It.
February 2008
For the past 13 years I have been performing at the Official Beatles convention in New York and Chicago. Every year I create a new act. This year will be a duet act with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney that they sang together in 1982 called "the girl is mine" This is NOT going to be just a boring lip sync act with 2 puppets bouncing up and down on stage. The ending will leave everybody laughing. so please mark your calendar for march 3 monday at the IHOP.
At the convention, I have over 2,000 attendees in my audience so my act really needs to be polished and professional, and with your viewing of this new act, it will help me get out any kinks that it has. And besides without an audience my show would be a rehersal.
Here is the website if you want to see the convention info, Just click on "fest" on the top of the page


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