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Health and Social Care – A Day in the Life of Oscar Learner Activity

Learner activities
1. Storytelling Drama
• There are many combinations in which this narrative can be used: • Learners read individually /together – out loud /quietly • Read the story in one lesson or over a series of lessons • Add or embellish the story – does Oscar ever leave the Home, for example, to see his mates. What does he tell them? Does he keep his information confidential? • Use the photographs to retell Oscar’s story or make up a new one. N.B. One version of the narrative signposts relevant areas linked to the GCSE Health and Social Care specifications where it suggests teachers might promote discussion. 2. List all the people who work, live or visit the home. What do you know • National Care Standards Commission and its request for • MANRAX system of giving out medicine • Different diets – diabetes, vegetarian, cultural tastes • Risperidone, haloperidol and diazepam Support Materials for GCSEs in Vocational Subjects Health and Social Care – A Day in the Life of Oscar Learner Activity
5. (i) How would you feel if you heard that your home was being closed down, by the local council? Write a letter to your local councillor describing how you feel and asking for her/his help in getting the decision overturned. (ii) Contact a local councillor and ask her/him what help they could give in these circumstances. The manager of the residential care home has several incidents to deal with. Working in small groups, discuss each situation and then decide: Incident 1
Medication has been found thrown away in the garden and found by the
gardener. It is easy to recognise what type of medication it is. Medication
is very expensive.
Incident 2
A female resident has complained again about some residents being
allowed to smoke in one of the lounge rooms. She says passive smoking is
dangerous and as most of the residents are non-smoking it should not be
Incident 3
A 90-year old resident misses her daughter very much. She rarely visits
and when she does she stays for only 15-20 minutes. The daughter says
that her mother finds it difficult to talk so a conversation with her is
very difficult and she soon gets bored.
Support Materials for GCSEs in Vocational Subjects Health and Social Care – A Day in the Life of Oscar Learner Activity

Incident 4
The mother of a member of staff has rung up saying that her daughter
will be unable to come to work because of the accident she had at work
yesterday. She is likely to be off for 4 or 5 days. When you look in the
accident book there is no record of it and nobody on the staff seems to
know what happened!
Incident 5
A visitor has complained about a live cat being allowed on the premises.
She says that it brings in disease and should not be allowed anywhere
near the elderly residents as it can do them a lot of harm. She has
threatened to go to the authorities about it if nothing is done to get rid
of the cat!
Support Materials for GCSEs in Vocational Subjects


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