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78th Annual Meeting February 26 – March 1, 2012 Austin, TX ADAPCO has been the leader in providing quality mosquito control products since 1985. We carry a comprehensive line of products representing over 25 manufacturers. ADAPCO also offers leading aerial and ground technology and equipment that was designed, developed, and is serviced by our ADAPCO team. ADAPCO can provide you with everything you need to run a successful program which includes surveillance, application and reporting. We carry the highest quality mosquito control equipment from renowned manufacturers within the industry. ADAPCO takes pride in being the name you trust for mosquito control. AG-NAV Inc. Electric foggers, thermal foggers, truck-mounted foggers for pest control pros, battery-powered foggers. if there is a fogger configuration, chances are Longray makes it. Longray is one of the largest fogger manufacturers in the world. We are working hard on expanding our domestic presence and making more of our product catalog available here. Our strategy across our entire product range is to win on substance. Will a perfectly-informed consumer, presented with competing products, choose Longray? Each Longray product is a combination of features, pricing, and after-market service designed to pass this test. AMVAC Environmental Products The experts weigh in: The ARGO as a Mosquito Abatement Vehicle. Flooded areas, wetlands and stagnant river beds serve as breeding grounds for all types of insects, this is the exact terrain for which the ARGO was specifically designed! Using an ARGO as part of your abatement program is your best weapon against any type of outbreak; the ARGO has the versatility to take your crew and gear over land and through water to get the job done. Arro-Gun Spray Systems LLC BASF, which acquired Cognis Corporation in 2011, manufacturers the monomolecular surface film product, AGNIQUE® MMF, Larvicide & Pupacide. The active ingredient in AGNIQUE® is a surfactant that forms a thin fast spreading invisible film on the surface of water. The film causes mosquito larvae and pupae to drown. MMF is available as 100% active liquid in containers ranging from bottles, jugs, drums, totes and bulk. A diluent is also now available for MMF to allow dilution of MMF if required. BASF markets Agnique MMF within the U.S.A. through ADAPCO. For more information, contact ADAPCO or Jeff Martin within BASF ([email protected]). For more information on BASF Public Health products outside of the U.S.A., visit us at Bayer Environmental Science is a division of Bayer Crop Science LP, a dedicated global manufacturer of vector control products. Bayer’s newest technology is FFast® Bti and LifeNet®. FFast Bti is a water based formulation of Bti that can be applied as a ULV application delivering effective larval control up to 300 feet from your spray vehicle. LifeNet is a long-lasting, polypropylene multifilament insecticide-treated bed net that’s effective against mosquitos for up to 5 years. Other vector products include; Permethrin based products- Aqua Reslin and Permanone and Resmethrin based Scourge. For further information, please visit our website at Bestnet A/S Bestnet A/S provides people worldwide with easy to use protection against malaria and other vector borne diseases. We specialize in the development, marketing and sales of WHOPES recommended Netprotect® Long Lasting Insecticide Incorporated Mosquito Nets (LLINs). Netprotect® and Netprotect® A are our market leading brands of LLINs made of long lasting high density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament fibers. Please visit our website at BioQuip Products, Inc. Central Life Sciences is committed to providing mosquito abatement districts, public health officials and counties with resources, education and solutions for long-term, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible mosquito control. No two mosquito habitats are alike - that's why there are a variety of Altosid® Larvicide and Zenivex® Adulticide formulations to meet your specific needs. Each Altosid® formulation contains (S)-Methoprene, an insect growth regulator (IGR) that stops mosquitoes from becoming adults. Best of all, (S)-Methoprene has the industry's lowest toxicity rating. Zenivex mosquito adulticide features no synergist (no PBOs), ultra low volume (ULV) usage, diluted or undiluted application options, no aquatic setbacks and EPA reduced risk classification. Visit to learn more. Cheminova, Inc. Cheminova, Inc. is the U.S. operation of Cheminova A/S, a Danish company with global operations. Cheminova, Inc. is the sole registrant of Malathion, the active ingredient of Fyfanon (TM) ULV Mosquito. 2011 marks the 55th anniversary of Malathion's registration in the U.S. Cheminova is committed to supporting research on rotation management that is specific to mosquito control and will be announcing specific projects beginning in 2011. Clarke Clarke is a global environmental products and services company, focused on helping make communities around the world more livable, safe and comfortable. Specializing in products and turn-key services for mosquito control and as well as aquatic services, our mission is to pioneer, develop and deliver the most eco-responsible and advanced solutions to prevent disease, control nuisances and create healthy waterways. Backed with over 60 years of experience, our spectrum of offerings meets the needs of small to large programs. Curtis Dyna-Fog, Ltd. The DEET Education Program sponsors educational events wherever mosquito-borne diseases are a concern, working in partnership with local mosquito control organizations and public health agencies. It donates repellents for low income residents and free brochures in English or Spanish that contain advice on preventing insect bites. The DEET Education Program partners with the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention to sponsor the annual Fight the Bite Poster Contest. The contest encourages 5th and 6th graders to illustrate ways to help protect themselves and their families from vector-borne diseases. Two national winners each take home $1,000! (See Contact: or 888-No-Bites. Come by our booth for a firsthand look at our software solutions for mosquito control - Sentinel™ GIS and our new FieldSeeker™ GIS for Mosquito Control. Small or very large operations will benefit from the Esriâ GIS-based solutions. The ArcGISâ platform is a robust and diverse set of applications, services, tools, and API’s that is keeping up with advances in Web technology, mobile computing, cloud infrastructure, and service-oriented architecture. New features include integration with the New Mountain Innovation weather sensor and many brands of ULV foggers as well as provisions for storm drain treatments and new visual and water quality monitoring requirements. Our software is used at over 250 mosquito control agencies in the U. S. and Canada. We’ll also have on display Trimble GPS receivers, Juniper Systems Field Computers and MobileDemand Tablet PCs. Take advantage of our 26 years of experience and let us help you configure a system right for you. Envincio FourStar Microbial Products offers innovative mosquito control products containing the proven active ingredients Bacillus sphaericus (Bsph) and Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti), combined with patented sustained release technology. FourStar Briquets feature microbial actives which are environmentally compatible. Three Briquet sizes provide long term residual control of mosquito larvae for up to 45, 90 and 180 days and are ideal for use in rotation with Altosid. New for 2012 is FourStar Single Brood Granules (SBG). By formulating on high density sand with patented Dual Action Release technology, we've created a better Bti granule. FourStar products are available nationwide through ADAPCO. Gil Manufacturing Inc. Leading Edge Associates provides its customers with expertise and knowledge in advanced technologies and solutions, which make industries more efficient, productive and effective. With experience in all aspects of vector control, agriculture and forestry industries, Leading Edge Associates offers many services, products and advantages such as MapVision®, DropVision® and DropVision®-AG. With more than twenty-four years of experience in all aspects of vector control, agriculture and forestry industries, Leading Edge Associates offers many services, products and advantages. London Foggers London Foggers are used “EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD” for control of mosquitoes that transmit diseases. We build the finest quality Ultra Low Volume sprayers and Thermal Foggers to meet the needs of our customers. Please contact us and we will respond promptly to assist you in your efforts to control adult mosquitoes. We appreciate the support from members of AMCA and all our customers worldwide. MCES, LLC North American Distributors for Micronair Rotary Atomisers for aircraft and ground sprayers. Moustiq-AirTM by Med-e-Cell Med-e-Cell is an intellectual property corporation with over 20 years of experience in the field of fluid delivery, based exclusively on its proprietary, patented, electrochemical gas generation technology. The IMP Division develops insect management products, such as Pher-Emit™ and a non-conventional CO2 generator, Moustiq-Air™, for mosquito trapping systems. NationAir Aviation Insurance NationAir, one of the country’s oldest and largest aviation insurance brokers, has been committed to the aerial application industry for more than 33 years. NationAir offers clients the influence of a large national brokerage and the personal attention of a local broker, with a tradition of integrity and top customer service. NationAir has offices across the country to maintain a keen understanding of regional issues, and many of its professionals hold extensive aviation experience. With aviation insurance its sole focus, NationAir is a tireless advocate with insurance underwriters on behalf of aerial applications clients. For more information, visit New Mountain Innovations New Mountain Innovations, Technology for a Sound Environment, invented Acoustic Larvicide where we kill mosquito larvae using sound waves at the resonant frequency of their internal air volumes. Our Larvasonic™ product line controls larvae from small areas to larger bodies of water with our Field Portable System, our Industrial Installation provides control for Waste water Treatment Pants, cisterns and water retention areas. Our ultrasonic weather station with GPS, the NM150, give true wind speed and direction for spray trucks while moving and is an important tool to enhance your Best Management Practices for control of mosquitoes and larvae. It automatically reports data to the Internet or your own intranet. Southwest Assurance Corp. Southwest Assurance Corporation has been assisting Mosquito Control Districts with their insurance needs for over 30 years. Let us assist you with your insurance needs for your ground operations: General Liability, Property, Auto, Inland Marine, Directors & Officers/Public Officials, Workers compensation, and Pollution coverage. We can also solve your insurance needs for your aerial operations including Aviation Liability, Passenger Liability, Hull coverage, Chemical Liability, and Premises Liability coverage. SpringStar Inc. SpringStar is a primary manufacturer of non-toxic pest control products for home, garden and professional use. Our products provide alternatives to traditional chemical pest control methods by using highly effective insect attractants combined with easy-to-use adhesive traps. SpringStar is also the exclusive licensee of the US Military Lethal Ovitrap. The Lethal Ovitrap, trademarked as Trap-N-Kill(R), is an economical, extremely simple, and effective method for controlling container-breeding mosquitoes such as the dengue vector Aedes aegypti. The technology has proven effective against dengue vectors in multiple international studies, while using 99% less pesticide than traditional ULV spray treatments. Summit Chemical Company Tumaini Controlled Release Technologies Inc. will be introducing a new mosquito larvicide containing the active ingredient novaluron at the AMCA 2012 meeting. Univar PP&S Univar Professional Products & Services distributes an extensive line of key Public Health products plus the expertise to support and service customers nationwide. Our staff of industry specialists are dedicated to helping our customers achieve breakthrough success by providing the most suitable product for their needs and the insights for optimal use. Whether it is an adulticide, larvicide, equipment calibration, or question about the latest application equipment and technology, customers rely on Univar PP&S to have the products and people to help them succeed. Valent BioSciences Corporation Valent BioSciences Corporation is headquartered in Libertyville, Illinois, and is the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of biorational products. With sales in over 90 countries, Valent BioSciences products include both microbial-based and insect growth regulator solutions for use in public health and forestry applications; microbial pesticides and plant growth regulators for use in agriculture, and household insecticides for use in consumer markets. For over 30 years, Valent BioSciences has been working alongside leading public health professionals to develop integrated mosquito and black fly control solutions around the world. Our industry-leading research, development, and field support teams are committed to providing highly effective and target-specific solutions that improve public health in an environmentally sustainable way. Valent BioSciences is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. For additional information, visit the company’s website at Vector Disease Control Inc. VESTRA will be presenting the Pest Management & Vector Control Mobile Operations System (MOS). The MOS is a smart, intuitive, GIS-based system centered on business intelligence practices. The MOS is fully-functional; both connected and disconnected from the internet, and was designed to provide a framework for decision support. Navigating the MOS is intuitive and simple, allowing both Supervisors and Technicians the ability to open, close, or assign a service request while in the field, log their time, maintain inventory and track applications along routes using GPS. The MOS is a completely customizable system; please contact us at 530.223.2585 for information. Woodstream Corporation Mosquito Magnet® - Built on Science, Service & Support. Mosquito Magnet® is the leading biting insect trap in the market and is the only long-term trap solution that is scientifically proven to effectively reduce mosquitoes and other biting insects. Backed by 18 years of research and more than 15 patents that make our traps technologically revolutionary, it’s no wonder we are the #1 mosquito trap in America!


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TUSCOLA COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT FEE SCHEDULE To establish fees to be charged for services rendered. EFFECTIVE DATE 01/01/2011 LAST 12/09/2010 DATE ESTABLISHED LAST REVISION DATE 12/09/2010 BOH ADOPTED DATE BOH ADOPTED DATE 12/17/2010 BOC ADOPTED DATE BOC RATIFICATION DATE 12/29/2010 $12 Administration Fee and Vaccine Costs + 10% (unless cov

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Post-operative Instructions Following Rhinoplasty Early healing of the nose depends upon how well you take care of yourself after surgery. Please review the following instructions before surgery and ask about anything that is not clear. General: Rhinoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure. If you have other medical conditions such as sleep apnea, you may spend one night i

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