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Motor driver ICs
Reversible motor driver
BA6246N / BA6247 / BA6247N / BA6247FP-Y
The BA6246N, BA6247, BA6247N and BA6247FP-Y are monolithic ICs incorporating two reversible-motor drivers. TheICs differ in the control logic and output mode.
FFeatures1) Two reversible-motor drivers in each unit.
4) Available in a compact SIP10pin package 2) Built-in thermal shutdown circuit.
(BA6246N, BA6247N) or a HSIP10pin package with 3) Output voltage can be set arbitrarily.
5) Available in a HSOP25pin surface-mount package Motor driver ICs
BA6246N / BA6247 / BA6247N / BA6247FP-Y
Motor driver ICs
BA6246N / BA6247 / BA6247N / BA6247FP-Y
FElectrical characteristics (unless otherwise noted, Ta = 25_C and VCC = 12V) Motor driver ICs
BA6246N / BA6247 / BA6247N / BA6247FP-Y
be specified, so if the IC is to be used in applications (1) The input threshold voltage is positively correlated where parameters may exceed the absolute maximum retings, then be sure to incorporate fuses, or other physi- Depending on the ambient conditions, environment, or motor characteristics, the back-rush voltage may fluctu- (2) The input pins of the BA6246N are pulled up through ate. Be sure to confirm that the back-rush voltage will not a resistance of about 15kΩ (see Fig. 1). To secure the adversely affect the operation of the IC.
LOW level input, the interface to these pins should have a current-sink capability of at least 700µA Large currents are carried by the motor power supply and motor ground for these ICs. Therefore, the layout of the (3) The maximum input voltage is 6V. Make sure that the pattern of the PC board and the constants of certain pa- input will not exceed this value. Also when the voltage rameters for external components, such as the capacitor VCC is not applied to the IC, do not apply voltages to the between the power supply and ground, may cause this large output current to flow back to the input pins, result- ing in output oscillation or other malfunctions. To prevent When reversing the rotational direction of a motor, make this, make sure that the PC board layout and external cir- sure to go through the brake or open mode in-between cuit constants cause no problems with the characteris- The duration of brake mode should be more than the braking time, which is defined by the time required for the The power dissipation will fluctuate depending on the potential of the LOW level output pin to become less than mounting conditions of the IC and the ambient environ- the ground potential by the electromotive force gener- ment. Make sure to carefully check the thermal design of ated when the mode is switched from rotation to brake.
the application where these ICs will be used.
The duration of open mode should be 1 ms or more.
Due to the effects of capacitors C2XC5, the motor The power consumption by the IC varies widely with the that is not being driven could be momentarily driven dur- power supply voltage and the putput current. Give full ing mode switching. Check for this problem when design- consideration to the power dissipation rating and the thermal resistance data and transient thermal resistance It is recommendable to arrange your design so that data, to provide a thermal design so that none of the rat- voltage rises at VCC1 prior to VCC2 when turning on the power, and voltage falls at VCC1 after VCC2 when turning Make sure that the output current and supply voltage do When the thermal shutdown circuit is activated, the out- puts are left OPEN. The circuit is activated when the IC There are no circuits built into these ICs that prevent in- junction temperature rises above 170_C. The tempera- rush currents. Therefore, it is recommended to place a ture difference between the activation and deactivation current limiting resistor or other physical countermeasure.
(13) Factors regarding the thermal, power supply, and The quality of these products have been carefully checked; however, use of the products with applied volt- If the potential of the output pin sways greatly and goes ages, operating temperatures, or other parameters that below the potential of ground, the operation of the IC may exceed the absolute maximum rating given may result in malfunction or be adversely affected. In such a case, the damage of the IC and the product it is used in. If the place a diode between the output and ground, or other IC is damaged, the short mode and open modes cannot Motor driver ICs
BA6246N / BA6247 / BA6247N / BA6247FP-Y
Motor driver ICs
BA6246N / BA6247 / BA6247N / BA6247FP-Y
Datasheets for electronics components.

Source: http://aitendo3.sakura.ne.jp/aitendo_data/product_img/ic/motor/ba62467/ba62467.pdf

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