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Q. What could interfere with my test result?
A. If your urine contains excessive amounts of bacteria, the results may not be stable. If you are actually pregnant, have recently been pregnant, or have reached menopause, you may get a misleading result. Some prescription drugs, such as menotropins for injection and danazol may affect the result you see, please consult your physician if you question your test results.
Q. Do any drugs or medications affect the test?
A. Alcohol or common medications do not affect the test. Medications containing hCG or LH may affect the test and should not be taken while using test. The test will not work properly if you are pregnant, menopausal, taking birth control pills or breast feeding. Some prescription drugs, such as menotropins for injection (Pergonal) and danazol (Danocrine), may affect the result. If you are undergoing therapy with Clomiphene citrate (e.g., Clomid or Serophene), please consult your physician for the appropriate time to begin testing. Usually you should start testing 3 days after taking the last tablet.
Q. Will oral contraceptives affect the results?
A. After using the pill your cycle may be irregular and may take some time to stabilize again. You may wish to wait until you have two normal periods before starting to use the Am I Ready™ Ovulation Stick Predictor. Follow your physician’s advice on when is the best time to become Q. Will the amount of liquid I drink affect the results?
A. Intake of fluids prior to testing will dilute the hormone in your urine. Best results are obtained if you limit your fluid intake and do not urinate for about four hours before you collect your Q. Once I detect my LH surge, when is the best time to have intercourse?
A. Your most fertile days begin with the LH surge. You are most likely to get pregnant if you have intercourse within 24 - 36 hours after you detect your LH surge.
Q. I have used the ovulation test for three months, and each month I have seen a surge and
have had intercourse that day or night. I have not become pregnant yet. What is wrong?
A. First, it is important to remember that it can take normal, healthy couples many months to become pregnant. There are many factors, which affect your ability to become pregnant even if you have been able to have intercourse during your most fertile time. If after several months you have no success, consult your physician. Since you have been monitoring your LH surge with Am I Ready™ Ovulation Stick Predictor, you will be able to give your doctor a clear picture Q. I have tested for 8 days and I did not see my LH surge, what is wrong?
A. About 90% of ovulation women with regular cycles will see their surge during 8 -10 days of testing. If you do not, it could mean that you have not ovulated this month. If you are having a short cycle this month, it is possible that you have ovulated before you started testing. If you are having a long cycle this month, you may not have ovulated yet. You may continue testing or test again next month. Don’t worry, it is normal to have an occasional short or long cycle, or to have a cycle without ovulating.
Q. If the Am I Ready™ Ovulation Stick Predictor can determine my most fertile time,
why can’t I use it for contraception?
A. Sperm can survive up to 72 hours, and this test predicts your LH surge only up to 24 to 36 hours in advance. Therefore, if you have intercourse before your surge, the egg can still be Distributed by: AC&C Distribution, LLC

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