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Compleate security solution
Astellas Ireland Co., Ltd., the pharmaceutical company formed by the merger
of Fujisawa Ireland Ltd. and Yamanouchi Ireland Co., Ltd., has invested in a
high security master key system from Abloy Security. Based on the innovative
and unique ABLOY PROTEC® mechanism, the new system is being used to
safeguard Astellas' pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Killorglin, Co Kerry.
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Compleate security solution
Astellas is a research-driven pharmaceutical company security of site and the safety of all our employees". operating in the world's major markets of North The solution developed jointly between and Astellas America, Asia and Europe. The company, which was and Abloy Security is based on an innovative master established in Europe over a decade ago, has already keying arrangement, using standard ABLOY PROTEC established itself as a leading player in the fields of locks, each configured so that the site perimeter, transplantation and dermatology with the successful production plant and administration facilities can be launch of two innovative products, Prograf® zoned to allow individual members of staff to access (tacrolimus), an immunosuppressant used in organ all of the areas in which they are authorised to work, transplantation, and Protopic® (tacrolimus ointment) simply by means of a single key or swipe card. for atopic dermatitis, that are making a significant difference to the lives of many patients. Over recent years, Astellas' Kerry plant, which is where In essence, the master keying system involves a the formulation of Prograf takes place, has undergone hierarchical structure, so that senior managers or a variety of modifications and extensions; in particular, security staff can access all parts of the plant, while with the addition of a number of new buildings. As a production, office or junior staff are restricted to specific areas. As Louis points out, "In swipe card is issued to each individual.
need to control and monitor the use and issue of a additionally, it makes it easy to issue new keys and to large collection of keys required by staff with varying extend or modify levels of security".
Following more than ninety years of continuous Louis Collins, Head of Engineering at Astellas explained, development in rotating disc technology, the ABLOY "The nature of our business means that security is a PROTEC mechanism is unique in its design and major priority for us. Naturally, the plant needs to be technology. The two-way operation makes it ideal for secured against unauthorised access by members of creating master key systems where more than one the public, however it is also essential for us to control type of lock is to be used. PROTEC is fully patented access for our own staff, as different people with until 2019 and the innovative design of the varying degrees of authorisation need to work in mechanism ensures that it is completely pickproof and different areas of the site at certain times. It is crucial eliminates wear and tear on the cylinder and key. that this is effectively controlled in order for us to meet Louis concluded: "We are delighted with the new Abloy stringent Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system. The choice and master keying options requirements. Furthermore, should vandalism or crime provided are excellent and the PROTEC lock system occur, it could have a direct and immediate impact on gives an unrivalled level of security, control and our business and reputation and we therefore go to great lengths to ensure that we protect both the Abloy Security Limited, 2/3 Hatters Lane, Croxley Business Park, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 8QY
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Source: http://www.abloy.co.uk/Abloy/AbloyCOUK/Solutions/Healthcare/Fujisawa.pdf


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