Dateline vermont: covering and uncovering the stories, big and small, that have shaped a state - and influenced a nation, 2006, 240 pages, chris graff, thistle hill publications, 2006, pdf ebook

Dateline Vermont: Covering and Uncovering the Stories, Big and Small, That Have Shaped a State - andInfluenced a Nation, Chris Graff, Thistle Hill Publications, 2006, 0970551134, 9780970551139, 240 pages.
During his more than a quarter-century tenure at The Associated Press, Chris Graff covered myriad big stories.
Among them: The rise, fall, and rise again of Howard Dean; The remarkable career of Jim Jeffords, includinghis defection from the Republican Party; The ascension of Patrick Leahy as a power in the U.S. Senate; Theroaring populism of Burlington Mayor-turned Congressman-turned U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders; and Thefirst-in-the-nation legalization of civil unions for gay couples. Messages from a Small Town Photographs Inside Pawlet, Vermont : Neil Rappaport with Nellie Bushee andElla Clark, , Jan 1, 2005, Photography, 136 pages. .
Dorothy Canfield Fisher a biography, Ida H. Washington, 1982, Biography & Autobiography, 258 pages. .
The Conscience of a Liberal , Paul R. Krugman, 2007, History, 296 pages. A leading economist surveyseighty years of American history to illuminate how efforts to balance economic inequality have been set backsince the 1970s, in a critical analysis .
The water music , Roger Fiske, Aug 1, 1981, Music, 88 pages. Score.
Literature Guides Bridge to Terabithia, Scholastic, Inc. Staff, Jun 1, 1997, Education, 16 pages. Includes anauthor biography, chapter summaries, vocabulary builders, reproducibles, and cross-curricular activities forstudents of all learning styles for Paterson's novel .
Take This Job and Ship It How Corporate Greed and Brain-Dead Politics Are Selling Out America, Byron L.
Dorgan, Jul 25, 2006, Business & Economics, 277 pages. Explores the controversial influence of America'scurrent trade policies, condemning corporate profiteers, the gouging practices of drug and oil companies,Wal-Mart's .
The Vermont Political Tradition And Those who Helped Make it, William Doyle, 1984, Political parties, 280pages. .
Revolutionary heart the life of Clarina Nichols and the pioneering crusade for women's rights, Diane Eickhoff,Mar 16, 2006, Biography & Autobiography, 277 pages. Looks at the life of pioneering feminist and socialreformer Clarina Nichols.
The Story of Vermont A Natural and Cultural History, Christopher McGrory Klyza, Stephen C. Trombulak,Jan 1, 1999, Nature, 240 pages. "Landscape history or natural history without humans is incomplete history,"write authors Christopher McGrory Klyza and Stephen C. Trombulak. In their very readable portrayal .
Hoops Poems, Major Jackson, Aug 28, 2007, Literary Collections, 125 pages. A collection of poems by MajorJackson that portray the ordinary lives of men, women, and children living in the neighborhoods of NorthPhiladelphia.
Still as Death , Sarah Stewart Taylor, Oct 2, 2007, Fiction, 320 pages. While tracking down a missing artifact,a piece of Egyptian funerary jewelry that has vanished from the collection of a Harvard art museum, arthistory professor Sweeney St .
The Vermont Encyclopedia , John J. Duffy, Samuel B. Hand, Ralph H. Orth, 2003, History, 330 pages. Thedefinitive sourcebook for Vermont facts, figures, people, events, and history.
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