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2013 Pesach KosherGram
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Compiled and edited by Rabbi Beryl Broyde, Kashrus Coordinator I. GENERAL INFORMATION

Consumers are cautioned not to take for granted that a product is Kosher for Pesach simply because it is in the Kosher
for Pesach section of their store, or because a "Kosher for Pesach" sign is posted. Each year there are numerous
instances, even in Jewish stores, of non-Pesach products mistakenly being mixed in with Pesach products, usually
because their labels are almost identical. This occurs frequently with Telma soup mixes and cubes, Lieber’s Coat ‘n Bake
coatings, various brands of frozen chopped liver and kishke, and Osem, Gefen, Haddar, Manischewitz, Empire and other
brands of products that have both Pesach and non-Pesach versions of the same products with similar labels.
Storekeepers, likewise, should not take for granted that everything received in their Pesach shipment, even from a Jewish
distributor, is indeed Pesach certified; non-Pesach products are frequently inadvertently mixed in. There have also been
instances where the outsides of cases were marked Kosher for Pesach, but the products inside were not. Each individual
label must always be checked for Pesach certification.
MULTIPLE CERTIFICATIONS: Some brands, e.g. Osem, do not bear the same certification on all of their products. Each
product should be checked for a reliable certification. - In addition, some brands, especially those from Israel, bear more
than one certification on a single package, but not all those certifications include approval for Pesach. In particular, the
Badatz of Eida Hachareidis symbol often states specifically that its endorsement does not include Pesach. All products should
be carefully examined for a reliable Pesach endorsement.
KITNIYOS (legumes) such as corn, beans, peas and rice, may not be eaten by Ashkenazim on Pesach. Sefardim who
use these products must ascertain that they contain no additives (such as vitamins), and must carefully check them before
Pesach for extraneous matter. There are a number of “Kosher for Pesach” products on the market that contain kitniyos,
and are acceptable only for Sephardim. Many of these products will state on the label (often in Hebrew) that the item is to
be used only by those whose custom allows for the use of kitniyos. This year the OU and the Star-K have introduced
special Pesach certification symbols for products containing kitniyos (“OU Kitniyot”, as on Osem Bamba snack, and
Star-S-P, as on Carolina rice), for those who eat kitniyos.
KITNIYOS DERIVATIVES - Those who follow the prevalent custom of not using any derivatives of kitniyos (legumes) on
Pesach, such as corn oil, corn syrup, dextrose, soybean oil and lecithin, should be aware that some products with Kosher
for Pesach certifications do contain one or more of these ingredients. This applies especially to imported candies and
chocolates. A careful check of the ingredients should be made. (Lecithin is sometimes listed just as “emulsifier”, and corn
syrup as “glucose”.)

is subject to differing opinions as to whether it is considered kitniyos; consult your Rav. Those who do use
quinoa should use only whole grains of quinoa, not quinoa flour, and only from sources that have been investigated and
approved for Pesach, to avoid the issues of other grains growing in the same proximity, and contacting other grains during
processing. The Star-K has approved the following brands this year, only when bearing the Star-K symbol and stating
“Kosher for Passover”: Ancient Harvest brand (12 oz. boxes), Setton Farms (12 oz. containers), and Natural Earth
Products (16 oz. boxes).
EGG MATZOH - Matzoh made with fruit juice or eggs, which includes “Kosher for Passover” Egg Matzohs, Egg Matzoh
Crackers and Passover Tam Tam Crackers, may not be eaten on Pesach, according to Ashkenazic practice, except by
the sick or elderly who cannot eat regular matzoh. Most brands now state this restriction clearly in English on the
package. Please note that even the sick and elderly cannot fulfill the obligation to eat matzoh at the Seder with these
types of matzohs.
PEELED OR SHREDDED VEGETABLES & FRUIT - Peeled potatoes, peeled carrots (including baby carrots), peeled
apples, shredded lettuce or cabbage, etc. are often treated with antioxidants to keep them looking fresh. We have found
that many of these antioxidants, in particular the nonsulfite types, contain ingredients that may not be Kosher for Pesach,
such as dextrose, citric acid, ascorbic acid, lactic acid and others. One unusual type that was found on peeled potatoes
also contained lactose, a dairy ingredient. The produce company should be contacted to determine the antioxidant used
and its Kashrus status.

FROZEN VEGETABLES require special Pesach certification because many frozen vegetable plants process pasta,
macaroni, breaded vegetables, etc. on the same equipment as plain vegetables.
PESACH STICKERS: If a product bears Pesach certification on an attached sticker, rather than being printed on the
label itself, it is advisable to contact the supervising agency to verify that it authorized the placement of the sticker.

Many commercial pet foods contain actual chometz and may not be used on Pesach. Check ingredient
labels for wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, flour, gluten, middlings, starch, brewer’s yeast, malt, or pasta. Non-chometz
substitutes should be used. Pet food listing both milk and beef ingredients should not be used the entire year.
MEDICATIONS ON PESACH: Important - No one should refrain from taking any required medication even if it
contains chometz, without first consulting his physician and Rav.

Note: All medications for a heart condition, diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease, lung
disease, depression, epilepsy, the immune system (transplant anti-rejection), and cancer treatment (including
precautionary) may be taken on Pesach. Furthermore, all prescription medication taken on a regular basis for
chronic conditions should only be changed with the consultation of your physician. (If you can not reach your
physician, you should continue to take your regular prescription and not change.) Some examples of such
chronic conditions include the following: Any psychiatric condition, prostate condition, Crohn’s Disease, celiac,
colitis, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s Disease, anemia, multiple sclerosis, thyroid condition, and asthma.

A partial listing of Kitniyos
Cumin (differing customs)
Sesame Seeds
Dextrose (outside U.S. may be
Soy Beans
Canola Oil
String Beans
Caraway Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Green Beans
Kasha (buckwheat)
Poppy Seeds
Corn (maize)

FOR PESACH CERTIFICATION (except where noted otherwise).
A new box, can or jar should be used
where an old one may have come into contact with chometz.
This is a very partial list, for Pesach 5773 / 2013 only. The omission of any specific brand or product does not necessarily imply that it
contains chometz or that it is not permissible for use on Pesach. - This list refers only to products manufactured in the U.S. Products
manufactured in other countries, including Canada, even with the same brand names, may have different formulations. - Most of the
medications, cosmetics and toiletries listed are not under supervision and their listing here, taken primarily from Rabbi Bess’ list and
based on information from the manufacturer, pertains only to their lack of chometz, not to the general Kashrus of their ingredients.
Many of the medications contain kitniyos, which is permissible when taken for medicinal purposes. – Many items are available from
Adwe Products with Kosher for Pesach certification, and are certified free of chometz, kitniyos and animal derivatives.
An extensive coverage of medications, cosmetics and toiletries which are acceptable for Pesach, prepared by Rabbi Gershon
Bess, is available from the Kollel Bais Avrohom of Los Angeles, and may be ordered by calling the Kollel at (323) 933-7193. It is also
available locally at Borenstein’s and Spitzer’s Bookstores, and at
ALCOHOL: Isopropyl
ALMOND MILK: Lieber’s Supreme Almond Milk Alternative in Original and Vanilla flavors bears Pesach certification. If
that is not available, the following OU brands of Original almond milk contain no chometz, and may be used on Pesach by
those who require them; they should preferably be purchased before Pesach: 365 Everyday Value, AlmondSense,
Hy-Vee, Kroger, Meijer, Ralphs, ShopRite, Trader Joe's.
ANALGESICS: Advil tablets & caplets, Advil Children’s Suspension - all flavors, Advil Infants’ Conc. Drops - Dye-Free
White Grape, Bayer aspirin (all forms), Bayer Children’s aspirin, Motrin Children’s Suspension Dye-Free Berry flavor,
Motrin Infants’ Conc. Drops – Berry flavor and Dye-Free Berry flavor, Tylenol Extra Strength caplets, Tylenol Infants’
Conc. Drops – Cherry and Dye Free, Tylenol with Codeine tablets & capsules; Triaminic Children’s Syrup Multi-Symptom
Fever (acetaminophen) in Bubble Gum and Grape flavors with an OU.

Bromo-Seltzer, Di-Gel tablets, Pepcid tablets, Zantac (all forms).
ANTI-DIARRHEALS, LAXATIVES: Citrucel caplets, Colace capsules and syrup, FiberCon caplets, Imodium A-D caplets,
Kaopectate liquid (all flavors), Metamucil Clear & Natural, Orange Coarse and Original Coarse powders, Miralax, Phillips’
Milk of Magnesia caplets & Original liquid, Senokot tablets. → IMPORTANT NOTE: “Resource Benefiber”, which is
listed on page 87 of the OU Pesach Guide as acceptable for those who are ill, refers only to a special institutional
Benefiber product produced by Nestle Nutrition from guar gum, which is available by special order. The regular retail
Benefiber product, produced by Novartis, is made from wheat dextrin and is chometz.
BABY FOOD: “Gerber 2nd Foods” in 4 oz. glass jars of Carrots, Squash, Green Beans (kitniyos) and Peas (kitniyos),
bearing a plain OU (no P required). Separate utensils should be used for the kitniyos varieties, and they should not be
washed in a Pesach sink.

Enfamil, Isomil, Prosobee, Simalac, all with OU. All contain kitniyos. Separate utensils should be
used, and they should not be washed in a Pesach sink.

BABY POWDER may be used for Pesach if the ingredients list only talc, talcum powder, corn starch, or other innocuous
ingredients. Be alert for oat flour, which is an ingredient in some baby powders.

without alcohol.
CLEANSERS: Ajax, Clorox, Comet, Fantastik, Formula 409, Lysol, Mr. Clean, Murphy Oil, Pine-Sol Original.
COCOA: Hershey’s Cocoa “Natural Unsweetened”. (The status of Hershey’s Cocoa “Special Dark” variety has not been
verified for Pesach.)
COFFEE, GROUND & INSTANT (unflavored):
Regular and decaffeinated: The following brands with an OK-P on the label - Maxwell House, Sanka, Yuban.
Regular only (not decaffeinated): The following brands with a plain OU: Folgers, Taster’s Choice.
COUGH MEDICINES: Coricidin HBP – all types, Triaminic Children's Cough & Sore Throat Syrup - Grape Flavor with an
OU, Tussionex Suspension.
(baking cups) – Paper: require certification year round. Reynolds – OU may be used for Pesach.
Foil: do not require certification year round or Pesach.
DENTAL FLOSS: Any unflavored, waxed or unwaxed.
DEODERANT (including roll-ons and sprays): Dry Idea, Old Spice, Right Guard, Secret, Soft & Dri, Sure.
DETERGENT: Any powder with an OU. Liquids: Cheer, Dreft, Dynamo, Fab, Ivory Snow, Tide.
DISHWASHING LIQUID: Ajax, Dawn, Ivory, Joy, Palmolive.
EGGS: should be purchased before Pesach.
FISH, FROZEN RAW: See Part III. [Frozen fish need to be investigated for Pesach to determine if chometz products are
processed in the area, or if a corn starch / corn syrup glaze is used.]
FRUIT, FROZEN: Plain frozen unsweetened fruit, with no syrup and no additives listed.
GLUE: Elmer’s Glue-All multi-purpose glue, Elmer’s All Purpose Glue Stick, Elmer’s Washable No Run School Glue. (Not
Elmer’s Washable School Paste or No Wrinkle Glue Pens.)
ICE (in bags): from plain water (any brand).
JUICE: Frozen concentrated unsweetened orange juice and grapefruit juice with no additives listed.
LEMON JUICE: ReaLemon with OU.
LIME JUICE: ReaLime with OU.
LIPSTICK: Cover Girl: Continuous Color, Outlast; Revlon: Colorstay Overtime, Moon Drops Moisture Crème, Moon Drops
Moisture Frost (not Ultima Ultimate Edition); and many others on Rabbi Bess’ list.

MOUTHWASH: Act Anticavity Rinse (all), Act Restoring Mouthwash (all), Listerine – Cool Mint, Fresh Burst, Soft Mint &
Total Care; Scope, Tom’s of Maine.
NUTS: Commercially packaged raw (not blanched) almonds, filberts or walnuts (shelled or unshelled, not ground) without
any additives or preservatives (such as BHA or BHT). However, if label states that wheat is present in the same facility,
then Pesach certification is recommended. NOTE: Pecans, even raw, require Pesach certification.

OLIVE OIL (unflavored, with no additives listed): Bertolli, Colavita and Filippo Berio brands of Extra Virgin with OU,
Pompeian Extra Virgin with Star-K, and other brands listed in OU and Star-K Pesach directories.

OVEN CLEANERS: Easy Off, Mr. Muscle, Shaklee.
PARCHMENT PAPER: Reynolds – OU, and all brands bearing a Star-K.
PERFUME: Chanel Allure, Chanel Chance, Charlie, Ciara cologne spray, Estee Lauder Beautiful, Gucci, and many others
on Rabbi Bess’ list.
PLATES & CUPS, DISPOSABLE: Pure plastic or styrofoam plates and cups; Chinet with OK-P.
RAISINS (only if oil is not listed on the package): The following brands with an OU: Champion, Del Monte (natural and
golden), Dole, Great Value, Jewel, ShopRite, Trader Joe’s.
RICE MILK: The following OU brands of Original rice milk contain no chometz, and may be used on Pesach by those who
are permitted by their Rav to eat kitniyos; they should preferably be purchased before Pesach: Hy-Vee, Meijer,
RiceSense, ShopRite. Also, Rice Dream unsweetened (not standard) rice milk.
SALT: Any non-iodized OU brand not listing dextrose or polysorbate.
SCOURING PADS: O-Cel-O Sponges, Scotch Brite scouring pads & soap pads, and any plain steel wool.
SHAMPOO: Head and Shoulders, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Revlon Flex, Revlon Frost & Glow, Selsun Blue Lotion.
SILVER POLISH: Hagerty, Weiman Royal Sterling, Wrights.
SOY MILK: The following OU brands of Original soy milk contain no chometz, and may be used on Pesach by those who
are permitted by their Rav to eat kitniyos; they should preferably be purchased before Pesach: Soy Dream enriched, 365
Everyday Value (Original, Light & Unsweetened), Giant, Meijer, ShopRite, SoySense Enriched.

Niagara, Linit

Big Chief, Pioneer and Peninsular brands of white granulated sugar with the K-COR symbol (no P required),
Domino with OK-P.
TEA: INSTANT - Nestea 100% Tea, regular and decaffeinated (unflavored, unsweetened) - OU.
TEA BAGS - Regular tea bags that are unflavored and not decaffeinated, and have no additives, may be used for
Pesach without special certification. Lipton unflavored Decaffeinated Tea Bags with OU may be used for Pesach without
special Pesach certification.
TOOTHPASTE: Aim, Aquafresh; Colgate – all including “2 in 1” liquid; Crest for Kids, Crest Multicare, Gleem, Pepsodent,
WATER: Any unflavored, spring or distilled, with no additives listed.
WAX PAPER: The following brands with an OU: Cut-Rite, Home Life, Meijer, Reynolds, ShopRite, Stop & Shop.
FAYGO’s ORIGINAL SPARKLING WATER is not available for Pesach this year, due to its inability to procure CO2 from a
non-fermentation source. Mayim Chaim seltzer for Pesach, plain and flavored, is available at One Stop Kosher.
CHAZZANO COFFEE EBRAICA products with K-COR are Kosher for Pesach – caffeinated and decaffeinated.

require Pesach approval due to the citric or
lactic acid that may be used in the washing process. →This year, all Star-K certified brands, including Dole, Fresh
Express and Kroger’s Fresh Selections, require a P next to the Star-K.

C. WIRTHY & CO. ATLANTIC SALMON FROZEN FILLETS (plain unseasoned, raw) bearing a Kof-K and stating
Product of Chile is Kosher for Pesach. (We do not have any Pesach information regarding the C. Wirthy product from

(plain unseasoned, raw) bearing an OU are Kosher for Pesach.

FISHIN brand FROZEN WHITING FILLETS (plain unseasoned, raw) bearing a Kof-K and stating Product of Chile is
Kosher for Pesach.

JOYVA PRODUCTS are Kof-K certified for year-round use, but not for Pesach, because they contain cornstarch and
corn syrup. They are therefore not recommended for Pesach, even when bearing the Passover marking of a different

SCHMERLING'S SUGARLESS AND NO SUGAR ADDED CHOCOLATES are not Kosher for Pesach, and state so on
their labels.

brand cheeses are not all Kosher for Pesach. Check each package for Pesach certification.
HAOLAM CHEESES: A number of newer types of Haolam cheeses are not Kosher for Pesach, and they state so clearly
on their packaging. Check each product carefully for Pesach certification.

are recommended only when bearing the certification of the OU or the Badatz of Eida Hacharedis. For
Pesach, special Pesach marking is required.

SUGAT and ORZIL BRANDS of beans, peas, rice and seeds are kitniyos, which are not eaten by Ashkenazim on
Pesach. The Badatz of Eida Hacharedis symbol on the label therefore states that its certification is not for Pesach. The
Pesach certification that is on some of these products, from a different agency, is only for Sefardim.

“PLAY-DOH” contains chometz.
ELI'S CHEESECAKE products that are manufactured during Pesach are not acceptable, and will not bear the cRc logo
on their packaging. Consumers should check for the cRc when purchasing after Pesach.

BEN-DAVID WINERY, based in Moshav Sdei Eliezer, was found last year to be using the “OK” symbol on bottles of
Merlot 2008 (a dry red wine) without authorization. The label states “OK-P” (Kosher for Passover), but, in actuality, the
wine has a regular non-mehadrin supervision and is the product of heter mechira grapes.
WINN DIXIE WOVEN WHEAT CRACKERS mistakenly bear an OU-P symbol on some packaging. This product is not
Kosher for Pesach.

STREIT’S MATZO MEAL stating “NOT FOR PASSOVER USE” was mistakenly placed in the Pesach section at some
local Meijer stores. Please bring this to the attention of anyone who may have shopped there.

As a community service, Hagalas Keilim (Kashering of utensils) will be available to the community at Young Israel of Oak
Park, Sunday March 24 from 9 AM-12 PM and at Young Israel of Southfield, Sunday March 17 from 9-10:30 AM.


may be purchased from the following stores in the Detroit area immediately after Pesach, except
for DUNKIN’ DONUTS at 10 Mile & Greenfield, where chometz should not be bought until 10:15 PM on
Motzoei Pesach.
All COR certified establishments
One Stop Kosher Market
Save-A-Lot 11 & Greenfield and 9 & Woodward
Family Dollar Stores
Sam’s Club Warehouse
Farm Fresh
Trader Joe's
GFS (Gordon Food Service)
Whole Foods
Please consult your Rav concerning buying chometz after Pesach from Jewish owned stores that do not observe Pesach.
To be added to the email list for Kashrus Alerts Detroit, send your email address to: [email protected]


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