Evx lifetime electrics warranty

EVX Warranty Information
Traxxas Corporation warrants your Traxxas Electronic Component to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.
Before returning any product for warranty service, please contact our service department to discuss the problem you are having with the product. After contacting Traxxas, send the • Splices to input or switch harnesses.
purchase indicating the date purchased, your return address, a daytime phone number and • Excessive force when using SET button.
• Tampering with internal electronics.
• Incorrect wiring of a FET servo.
• Allowing exposed wiring to short-circuit.
• Any damage caused by crash, flooding, or .
If the component is found to be defective, it In no case shall our liability exceed the will be repaired or replaced at no charge. The product’s original cost. We reserve the right to modify warranty provisions without notice. All warranty claims will be handled by Traxxas.
• Allowing water, moisture, or other foreign Because Traxxas and Novak Electronics, Inc.
material to enter speed control or get onto installations of the EVX, no liability may be • Using other than 12 cells (1.2 volts DC/cell) resulting from the use of this product. Every • Removing JST/Tamiya battery connectors.
ESC is thoroughly tested and cycled before • Using the same gender connectors on the leaving the Novak facility and is, therefore, speed control’s motor and battery connection.
• Cross-connection of the battery/motor.
operating/connecting speed control, the user accepts all resulting liability. Traxxas and • Using a motor with fewer than 19 turns, or using a motor other than a 550 size.
warranties expressed or implied. This warranty • Incorrect installation or wiring.
gives you specific legal rights which vary fromstate to state.
For technical assistance regarding your EVX,
call (888) TRAXXAS or (800) 323-0069 (U.S. residents only).
For orders, calls outside the U.S., and other information,
call (972) 613-3300, or fax at (972) 613-3599.
E-Mail Traxxas at [email protected]axxas.com
Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty
Use this form for non-warranty service only.
After the expiration date of the warranty period, Traxxas will repair electronic components for a flat rate of
$15.00 U.S. plus $5.00 U.S. for shipping and handling. The products covered by this extended service plan
include electronic speed controls, transmitters, receivers, servos, and battery chargers. Motors and
mechanical speed controls are not covered. Other mechanical repairs will be estimated separately. The
covered repairs are limited to non-mechanical components which have NOT been subjected to abuse,
misuse, or neglect. Products damaged by intentional abuse, misuse or neglect may be subject to additional
charges (up to $25.00) on top of the $15.00 warranty charge (not to exceed $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping and
handling). Important note about rewiring! Rewiring voids the 30 day warranty. Electronic speed controls
which have had the factory wiring connectors removed and replaced with non-factory connectors will be
subject to an additional $25.00 rewiring charge. The factory connectors must be in place to connect the unit
to factory test equipment. Hint: Save $25.00 by reinstalling the stock connectors before returning the unit for
service. This form must be filled out completely and enclosed along with the product to be repaired.
International Customers
International orders must be paid by credit card. Actual shipping charges will apply and may be higher than$5.00 U.S. If you want to approve the shipping charges prior to your product being returned, then pleasesupply a valid E-Mail address and check the appropriate box.
Please complete this form and enclose it with your payment and product.
Name ______________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ City___________________________________ State__________ Zip ____________ Daytime Phone (Very Important) __________________________________________ E-Mail Address (Very Important) __________________________________________ Problem ____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ ❑$20.00 payment ($15.00 repair and $5.00 shipping and handling) ❑$25.00 Additional payment (rewiring fee) For a total of $45.00 ❑Visa ❑Mastercard ❑Money order ❑International (higher rates apply) ❑DiscoveryCard number __l__l__l__l -__l__l__l__l -__l__l__l__l -__l__l__l__l Please print the name exactly as it appears on the card.
Cardholder Signature __________________________________________________ Your signature authorizes Traxxas to service your product as requested and bill your credit card.

Source: http://www.traxxas.com.ar/pdfs/evx_3014/_OLD%20010611%20EVX%20warranty.pdf

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