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A little while ago, the Dr Oz TV Show exposed the weight loss benefits of Green
Coffee Bean Extract
that had 45% chlorogenic acids which is the active
ingredient for weight loss.
In a nutshell.
What makes Green Coffee Bean Extract effective?
The active ingredient within the green coffee bean extract that produces weight
loss is the chlorogenic acid. To be effective, chlorogenic acids need to be at
least 45%. The mg of green coffee bean extract is inconsequential if the amount of
chlorogenic acids are insufficient. The product should contain zero fillers, zero binders and zero
artificial ingredients. Our product contains none of those and is presented in a vegetable cellulose
capsule. The caffeine amount equates to less than half a cup of coffee.
What is special about our product?
Our product is “standardised” to contain at least 50% chlorogenic acids - 45% being the effective potency. Clinical studies with obesity also show that the mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract need not be too high (350mg is sufficient, taken twice daily). Our product and dose recommendation falls within effective study parameters with the caffeine level being equivalent to less than half a cup of coffee.
Why are people asking for our product?
The Dr Oz TV Show has a huge following in Australia, and in addition, many people watch his
youtube recordings. His five-video series “Fat Burner or Fraud” using his audience as participants
showed that the placebo group whilst not changing dietary habits, and not increasing exercise but
who were required to record everything they ate did have a small weight loss (500g over a week).
The group that additionally used the Green Coffee Bean Extract doubled that weight loss.and
people are encouraged to modify their diet to healthier options plus include some exercise to
further enhance these effects. Other good quality trials (see Evidence Table, Green Coffee,
NaturalStandard.com) produce similar weight loss results with the conclusion that the chlorogenic
acids are relevant to the weight loss.
According to Natural Standard - The Authority on Integrative Medicine, expert opinion
suggests “Green coffee extract (particularly the chlorogenic acid component) has been suggested
to reduce hypertension and promote weight loss, as a result of animal and clinical studies.
Unroasted coffee purportedly contains higher levels of stable chlorogenic acids than roasted
coffee and lacks the potentially inhibitory molecules produced by roasting. Furthermore, green
coffee extracts contain higher concentrations of active constituents and may contain lower
quantities of caffeine
What is in our product?
Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 capsules daily. Capsules per Container: 60 (30 days)
Active Ingredients per capsule:

Green Coffee Bean Extract .400mg
(standardised to 50% total chlorogenic acids) Other ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule
Made in a registered FDA facility in the USA, premium quality is assured.
Australian Made ARTG listed formula will be available 2013
In more detail.
Information from the Natural Standard - The Authority on
Integrative Medicine
offers a 35 page monograph of in depth
discussion. We have clearly made a link to it on our site.

Source: http://www.eaglesupreme.com.au/files/4282140/uploaded/GCBE%20for%20ES%20pdf.pdf

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